Consensus has been developed on the inclusion of third parties in CPEC: Chinese DCM

In a situation of war between Pakistan and India, entire South Asia will be destroyed, said the vice ambassador of China to Pakistan, Jiang Li.

Addressing a conference on China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) on Tuesday, the envoy expressed concerns that both – Pakistan and India – are nuclear states and “we don’t wish to see a war between the two countries” which will result the destruction of whole South Asia.

The Chinese diplomat apprised the attendees that consensus has been developed over the inclusion of a third partner in the CPEC. The third country will collaborate to implement economic and social development projects.

Li also shed light on the progress of CPEC and told that work on Multan-Sukkur Motorway project will complete in July instead of August.

The mega corridor project has entered into its second phase, in which the extension of Gawadar airport and establishment of a vocational training center and a hospital are being carried out with Chinese grant, the envoy said.

Li further elaborated that the second phase of CPEC is about setting up special economic zones (SEZ) and the first SEZ is in its last phase of construction. He also hoped that the provincial governments will fulfill their responsibilities in time.


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