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Chinese Consul General Karachi launches First LPG Terminal at Gwadar Port

Gwadar’s first LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) Terminal was inaugurated on Tuesday, marking the beginning of a new era of economic development in Balochistan.

The terminal was inaugurated by Chinese Counsel General in Karachi Li Bijian. It started the operations with the arrival of Sahar Port, carrying 3,900 metric tons of LPG from Mascat.

“Today a new era of economic development has commenced from Balochistan’s port city Gwadar as International LPG trade starts,” Li said, while addressing the inauguration ceremony. The terminal would spur economic activities in Gwadar which would benefit the local population through creation of more jobs.

Chairman DGA Naseer Kashani, Chairman China Port and Holding Company Bao Xing, CEO of Al-Qasim LPG Gas Terminal Qasim Bashir and Gwadar Deputy Commissioner Capt (retd) Muhammad Waseem were present in the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, they lauded the initiative, saying that Gwadar would become a hub of international trade in the near future. They said that an international airport was being built while power plant projects had be initiated for the development in the port-ci

SOURCE: tribune.com.pk

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