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China will never dictate countries about terms and conditions of BRI

PEOPLES Republic of China dispelled impression Sunday that it wishes to dictate terms to countries, participating in One Belt-One-Road (OBOR) idea. It instead would give it practical shape only in consultation with them. That principle also applied to Pakistan which is China’s partner in 67 billion road CPEC project.
This was clarified in unambiguous terms by Dr Jin Xin, Director of China Centre for Contemporary World Studies, International Department of Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party at a media briefing at Peoples Daily office here.

He was asked whether CPEC meant bringing Chinese Companies and workers to Pakistan for economic zones to be set up under the plan, or confining itself to joint ventures with Pakistani entrepreneurs, and bring their skilled manpower and technical staff for training session for those hired for these projects. CPEC, because of its biggest ever investment in Pakistan, has received national endorsement for on completion it will take Pakistan to pristine heights of economic uplift. However some doubts existed that it would mean Chinese domination in major projects, which was erased by the highly placed official of the ruling party of this country.

Dr Jin emphasized that BRI (Belt and Road idea) was and economic proposition ensuring development of Infra-structure in less developed countries in order to make them stand on their feet and produce quality goods, essential for their future, and for uplifting the face of that country. For instance, he explained that Japan may be asked to help Thailand develop such an asset for itself and be counted among the rising nations of the world. Dispassionate analysis would show that China’s history has been replete with heroism and helping the people of the world, instead of being an imperial or colonial power, which former Soviet Union was, and paid the price with its disintegration in Afghanistan. Chinese help for the people of Korea and Vietnam is shining glittering chapter of modern history.

He added that countries, with different philosophies, policies and perceptions can participate if they so wished to. The idea is to globally connect them together so that not so rich or less fortunate countries, too produce quality goods, and raise the level of their respective people. “We like to share our experiences with countries with a view to develop their railways, waterways, air traffic, and information highway. BRI is economic cooperation; he said and added that globalization needs combined efforts of all? China over the years for international cooperation. It had many options like one for China, India, Bangla Desh, Myanmar, but he lamented that western media reports had been creating confusion about BRI, which was regrettable.

In removing such misconceptions media can play a very effective role by explaining to the world real intentions behind such an idea, vision of President Xi Ji Ping. Lot of misinterpretation was done about China’s plans in Sri Lanka and Djibouti. About CPEC, he said, China will pick up projects in consultation with the Pakistani government.


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