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China to always support Pakistan in its development and prosperity drive

Pakistan and China are time-tested friends as both countries have always supported each other in every sphere of bilateral relations, said Bao Zhong, head of Political and Press Section, Embassy of People’s Republic of China, during a seminar on ‘Second Belt and Road Forum: Achievements and Prospects’ organised by the Centre for Belt and Road Initiative and China Studies Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies in collaboration with the Commission of Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS).

The seminar was organised in the backdrop of the second Belt and Road Forum held in Beijing where Prime Minister Imran Khan participated on the invitation of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

China will continue to stand by Pakistan in its development and prosperity drive for better future and peace, Bao Zhong said, adding that both countries stand united as iron brothers. She was of the view that Belt and Road Initiative is meant to promote high-quality development in the region and beyond. The initiative has attracted wide acceptability and popularity because the Chinese vision is to share the prosperity with inclusiveness and not by force, she said, adding that Beijing’s policy is to promote cooperation through multilateralism and bilateralism with equal opportunity and development through joint collaboration.

Bao Zhong said with improved connectivity at physical levels like rail and roads, there are greater chances for people-to-people contacts which will lead to more understanding and dialogue and less confrontation. “The BRI and the related projects are result-oriented and not just a talking shop. For instance, as a result of these projects and development initiative, several hundred thousand of people will come out of poverty and will be able to provide not only jobs but also training opportunities,” she added.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof Dr Zameer Awan from China Studies Centre, National University of Science and Technology (NUST), said that China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and BRI are blessings for Pakistan. “These projects are meant to provide unprecedented development opportunities to not only Pakistan but also larger developing countries of the world participating or agreeing to the BRI and its spirit,” he said. “It depends now on the participating countries that how much they can achieve from this initiative,” he said. He was also of the view that in the past the world powers have failed to address the issues of the world but now they are looking towards China as a hope to solve their issues through its wisdom of peace, prosperity and shared destiny.

Dr Muhammad Munir from the National Defence University (NDU) was of the view that a negative propaganda campaign has been unleashed by the west and other countries against the BRI and CPEC, which is totally baseless. He said BRI and CPEC are meant to bring development and prosperity to those countries who are struggling to grow. “Instead of doing negative propaganda, such countries must contribute to this great initiative. They must join hands in development rather than putting the efforts down,” he maintained.

Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies President Farhat Asif said that the institute is publishing latest updates on CPEC in Urdu and English languages for the larger audience in Pakistan and the world. She was of the view that students and faculty members apart from the civil society groups must think critically and should not blindly follow the negative propaganda. They need to learn about countries like China and their work ethics, values and ways to progress, she said, adding that Pakistan and China are true friends and brothers who have made their relationship iconic and visionary for the rest of the world.

A large number of diplomats, students and members of the civil society participated in the seminar, reflecting the keen interest among the people to know more about the initiative and urge to learn.

Source : Daily TimesDate : 05-05-2019  


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