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China extends support to combat locusts swarm in Pakistan

China has said that it would lend its support to Pakistan to combat locust emergency by supplying of pesticides and spraying equipment.

China is interested in increasing import of agricultural products from Pakistan including onion, potato and meat, said Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing.

Talking to Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtiar, Yao stressed that China would consider supply of pesticides and spraying equipment to Pakistan to combat locust emergency.

He also told the minister that China would send a delegation comprising technical experts to Pakistan next week to further deliberate on aerial management of locusts. “The delegation will visit the locust-affected areas,” he said.

The minister welcomed the Chinese interest in the import of agricultural products.

Turning to the locust emergency, he apprised the ambassador of the requirement of pesticides and aerial support to control locust swarms in Pakistan, particularly in Sindh and Balochistan.

The minister outlined the current situation in affected areas and how locusts were spreading rapidly. He also highlighted the importance of measures taken by neighbouring countries to control locusts as the insects kept on moving to other areas.

Bakhtiar underlined the need for Chinese support for aerial spray to curtail the population of locusts in vulnerable areas. He also emphasised the urgent need for aerial spray to control locusts in desert areas. The minister acknowledged the support of China to tackle the locust issue and said it depicted the strength of Pakistan-China relationship.

The meeting was also attended by National Disaster Management Authority Chairman Muhammad Afzal, National Food Security and Research Secretary Dr Hashim Popalzai, Food Security Commissioner Dr Syed Waseemul Hassan and Animal Husbandry Commissioner Dr Khurshid Ahmed.


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